West Hundred Title Company, LLC
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                                               What We Do    

 An exhaustive search of the public record is performed in order to make a sale of property go through quickly and legally.  A title agent starts at the courthouse with a search of the property ownership records.  They then review all the deeds, mortgages, agreements, court cases and tax records to determine the curative steps needed to clear the title of defects.  Many searches reveal that previous mortgages have not been removed from the record even though they may have been paid off.  Agents work to fix the problem by finding the old lender and begging for help to clean the record.  After that, they scour the courthouse records to make sure there aren't issues affecting the title from a faulty sheriff sale, tax sales, divorce proceeding, outstanding child support, estate issues clouding the title. If their search turns up a problem, they spend the time to resolve it.  Finally they close the transaction by gathering all of the parties and all of the documents, they make sure the money goes where it is supposed to go, they update the public record and then they insure the whole search and closing against mistakes - their own and any on the public record itself.
     The land title industry and title insurance agents continue to provide a valuable serves to home buyers, investors, and their local communities by ensuring accuracy in public records and a speedy transaction with the confidence that the title can be transferred without impediment.

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